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        A big question among the public is whether or not there are prejudice within our current criminal justice system. Individuals have been debating this question since the beginning of the criminal justice system. Some believe that the mere idea of prejudice within the system is completely inaccurate. However, researchers have found that prejudice is in fact all too common within our system. Many believe that there is some sort of disparity among the individuals who are incarcerated. These disparities are in fact statistically proven and can mainly be found between the number of white individuals and nonwhite individuals who were incarcerated throughout the years.         The criminal justice system is constantly used within our society. It is a system which represents equality and justice for all. My chosen topic focuses I'm in disparities between minorities and white individuals and wealthy and poor individuals within the criminal justice system. Sociological research that

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Many issues in our society are told to the public through popular media sources. With various amounts of popular media outlets, individuals can get information in a matter of seconds. Although each outlet gets the main point across, each has a varying way of how they describe the issue. While reviewing my peers' media outlets, I noticed a few things. First, I noticed that it is very easy to come across as biased in any outlet. Without knowing all the facts, one can simply base their opinion of the topic on rumors for false beliefs. One might also unintentionally provide facts about one side of the opinion and not the other. Secondly, I noticed that some media outlets discuss the topic as a whole while others talked about specific examples within that topic. For example, all of the articles discussing the unfair treatment of those with special needs gave specific examples of the main topic. I believe that this can reinforce the main ideas of an individual's topic and can give an

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Within our society there are laws and policies put in place to not only protect us, but to protect our beliefs and our values. That being said, who makes these policies and how do they decide what policies to make? While there are many individuals who are in fact responsible for creating policy, very few of them, if any at all, are sociologists. According to Orlando Patterson, "sociologists have simply become spectators within our society" (2014). This statement simply means that sociologists are not used to their full capacity any longer. Currently in our society, it appears that it is simply the job of the sociologist to observe and report rather than to take a hands on approach and help to achieve new policies and laws. Numerous individuals have tried to explain what sociology truly is and how it can be used to influence society. Sociologist Patricia Hill believes that in order to influence society, we must take either one of two roles. She states that one must either

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Hello everyone, again my name is Dominic Kablack and I am a senior college student studying criminal justice. First, an interesting fact about myself is that I spent two years working in animal Hospital. While there a had a variety of jobs and responsibilities. The most frequent of my responsibilities was having to wash or clean the animals and their kennels. However on a few occasions I was able to assist on surgeries being performed in the hospital. I believe that that experience affected me and led me to have a desire to help individuals. Since this blog is primarily focused on sociological perspectives and ideas, we must define what sociology is. To me, sociology is the study of society and people as a whole. Sociology studies social relationships, interactions and cultures. From this, we get the sociological perspective. This is a tool which sociologists use in order to study the world. This tool also looks at individual's behaviors and interactions and connects them to soci