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Many issues in our society are told to the public through popular media sources. With various amounts of popular media outlets, individuals can get information in a matter of seconds. Although each outlet gets the main point across, each has a varying way of how they describe the issue. While reviewing my peers' media outlets, I noticed a few things. First, I noticed that it is very easy to come across as biased in any outlet. Without knowing all the facts, one can simply base their opinion of the topic on rumors for false beliefs. One might also unintentionally provide facts about one side of the opinion and not the other. Secondly, I noticed that some media outlets discuss the topic as a whole while others talked about specific examples within that topic. For example, all of the articles discussing the unfair treatment of those with special needs gave specific examples of the main topic. I believe that this can reinforce the main ideas of an individual's topic and can give any reader a true idea of the research topic. It also allows the reader to care about the topic at hand. Visual media sources also tended to focus on specific examples rather than the general idea. Written media sources varied on being general or specific. I also observed that many articles, as well as other media outlets, used statistics to help emphasize the main ideas. This is extremely beneficial because it helps provide factual data, as well as prove the main ideas.


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