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        A big question among the public is whether or not there are prejudice within our current criminal justice system. Individuals have been debating this question since the beginning of the criminal justice system. Some believe that the mere idea of prejudice within the system is completely inaccurate. However, researchers have found that prejudice is in fact all too common within our system. Many believe that there is some sort of disparity among the individuals who are incarcerated. These disparities are in fact statistically proven and can mainly be found between the number of white individuals and nonwhite individuals who were incarcerated throughout the years.
        The criminal justice system is constantly used within our society. It is a system which represents equality and justice for all. My chosen topic focuses I'm in disparities between minorities and white individuals and wealthy and poor individuals within the criminal justice system. Sociological research that has been done by Dr. Ron Weitzer examines racial and economic disparities throughout the entire justice process. He examines the different experiences certain individuals have with the criminal justice system. In The policing process, the court process, an overall experiences of the criminal justice system.
Weitzer first begins by discussing the policing process. He states not only experiences that different individuals have, but also statistics about who ends up stopped and incarcerated. He also suggests that discrimination and inequality is not something that is oblivious to police officers. Many officers, as well as community members, know that discrimination within the police force exists. However, individuals are often quick to justify these actions by stating how beneficial they are for the community, and how it keeps the rest of the community member safe.
The court system is also heavily examined within this sociological study. Individuals who are poor and who are minority have a higher chance of being arrested then their white counterparts. They also have a higher chance of getting longer sentences for committing the same crime as white individuals. This usually occurs because more often than not minority individuals have prior records and are also unable to afford quality legal assistance. And in quality not only occur within the criminal justice system, they are quite prevalent.


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