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Hello everyone, again my name is Dominic Kablack and I am a senior college student studying criminal justice. First, an interesting fact about myself is that I spent two years working in animal Hospital. While there a had a variety of jobs and responsibilities. The most frequent of my responsibilities was having to wash or clean the animals and their kennels. However on a few occasions I was able to assist on surgeries being performed in the hospital. I believe that that experience affected me and led me to have a desire to help individuals.

Since this blog is primarily focused on sociological perspectives and ideas, we must define what sociology is. To me, sociology is the study of society and people as a whole. Sociology studies social relationships, interactions and cultures. From this, we get the sociological perspective. This is a tool which sociologists use in order to study the world. This tool also looks at individual's behaviors and interactions and connects them to society as a whole. Sociology can also be applied to other fields, such as the criminal justice field. By using the sociological perspective and studying the effect environment and development has on individuals, we are able to pinpoint crime based sociology. This can lead to developing preventions of specific crimes in specific areas.


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